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The World's First Online ECG Viewer !

CardioPhonics® Viewer™ is free, and freely distributable software that lets you view, measure, annotate, print and export your CardioPhonics® 1000 (ECG) files on all major computer platforms. ECG files may be shared through disk, e-mail or PDF formats.

Current version: 0.07 (or 3.0x for some platforms and languages)
Platforms: Windows 95/98 2000

System requirements






Sample ECG File:

The file that you will be downloading is a self installation file. After you save the program to your hard disk - double click on the .exe file and follow the enclosed instructions. Included in the installation is one sample ECG tracing of normal sinus rhythm. To view the file simply open your viewer and go to the file menu and click to view the sample .cvf file.

Health Care Providers:

You must register for a password prior to receiving and exchanging of patient files using the CardioViewer©. You will not be able to open any encrpted patient files without entering your assigned password. Contact RLT Medical Associates, Inc. at 410.821.9620 to register.

Receive an Online Demonstration of our software - Call 410.821.9620

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