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Cardiophonics 1000 Digital Event Recorder

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Cardiophonics 1000

Cardiophonics® 1000 (Personal Medical Assistant)

The Cardiophonics 1000 blends styling with amazing memory and programming capabilities. Measuring at less than ½’ thick and just over 3 oz, this is the thinnest, lightest, lightest Windows compatible cardiac event monitor ever produced!

The Cardiophonics 1000 includes the Windows Macro Assembly operating system, and transmits into any transtelephonic receiver via cell or phone line - now add real time USB support and the Cardiophonics Windows Receiving Center for PC or Laptop, high-speed data downloads and much, much more! The Cardiophonics 1000 is undisputedly the most versatile Cardiac Event Monitor (PMA) ever developed.

Medical Slides

Cardiophonics 1000 Slides
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One button screen “Online” gives you immediate access to current information and monitor function. Thirty-five day + battery with over 10 years backup of internal data guarantee no lost data from the patient. EKG verification and alarms, including lead off. Patent pending “Sample rate Verification” (SRVC) using oscillator timing, R wave peak and “EKG Wave Verification” tone for checking electrode placement prior to recording data. Variable gain for Pediatrics and Patients with elevated BSA

Real time EKG mode in RS-232 and USB modes and Cardiophonics software turns your PC or Laptop into a full feature hospital like monitoring Screen. Programmable memory to 24 hours (vs232 Microprocessor), Pre and Post symptom variable strip programming, automatic programmable recording for Tacky and Brady arrhythmias or timed interval recording, Audio and silent recording modes. View Heart Rate or Military time via LCD screen during exercise or rehab session.

All programmable functions of monitor can be accomplished remotely via USB, RS-232, local area networks or Internet from anywhere in the world. ActiveSync software - data automatically uploaded to PC pr PDA for automatic data transfer.

Features for Research

  • Full featured data integrating into various telemedicine applications including analysis software for R to R variability
  • Export function allows conversion of EKG data to sample points for Math Lab and to JPEG or WWF images for inclusion in Microsoft Windows programs and EMR programs
  • Over 10 days of 24 hour waveform data collection with expandable memory capacity